Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Post worth reading

Well, I wanted to keep consistently posting through the year and going into this I knew it would not always be images. I want to make more of a dialogue out of this blog. Though I love images and hope to keep them coming I would also like to include tips, thoughts for discussion, answers to your questions, and recommendations of other people's work, blogs, books, etc.

That being said I would like to point you in the direction of Joe McNally who is not only an excellent photographer but also an excellent writer. I have been following him ever since I stumbled across his book "The Moment It Clicks." That book not only inspired me but had me and my wife laughing out loud. He really knows how to tell a story. So, go over and check out one of his recent post "Long and Winding Road." It is a good post and also has one of my favorite images of his. It is a portrait of an Irish poet (now deceased) named Frank McCourt. Well, enough said. Go enjoy.

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