Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jump on the Peace Train


So, I took my daughter with me on an errand the other day and then decided to take a little walk down town. While we were walking we saw an incredible looking bus. I had never really seen anything like it so I grabbed a shot of it. The bus was going painstakingly slow and so I had plenty of time. Shot taken, Ellie and I kept walking. Well, we caught back up to the bus and passed it. Then, at a stop sign, we ended up back beside it. As you can see in the pictures it has the word "Peacemakers" on the front and "We know the way... we can take you home" on the back. I was dying to know what this bus was all about. So, I indicated that I was curious and they opened the door and asked if we wanted to come aboard for a few minutes. We did and they gave me the rundown while Ellie balled at my side the entire time. They invited us to see the kitchen and what was in the back but with a frantic child I opted out and snapped a quick shot down the center of the bus. Thus it's not a great shot but you can tell it is pretty cool looking anyhow with the wood interior.





Micah David said...

These are great pictures Clay. I really do enjoy your photography. I would love to hear more of the bus story next time I see you.

Clayton Pearlstein said...

Thanks for the compliment.