Thursday, January 7, 2010

Faux HDR


Faux HDR

I am playing around with a new technique in photoshop that creates a faux hdr image. The original was more of a silhouette, as you can see, and I like it a lot. But, this brings out a lot more of the details and creates a semi-surreal feel.


natalie said...

I like the way the grain of the wood, and the creases in the denim, really POP with that technique!

Clayton Pearlstein said...

Thanks for the comment. This type of processing is meant to bring detail back into the highlights and shadows that have otherwise been lost. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. What happens is that you are exposing for either the highlight or the shadows and the other one loses detail as a result because the sensor cannot cover that High Dynamic Range and thus the reason for this processing.