Saturday, January 30, 2010

Westcott Softbox

This is one of my first images with the 28" Westcott Apollow Softbox. This is an amazing light modifier. I have lots of ideas brewing in my mind! I love the ability to control light and my style will be further shaped as a result. I cannot wait to put it to further use!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Excuses and Recommendations

Well, I have not posted in a little while --somewhere around a week (or more). This coming shortly after my resolution to post more often. To try my hand at excuse making, I will tell you that I am having some technical difficulties. I was saving an image for upload when my issue arose and I have not yet gotten it resolved. That image, along with some others that I have been capturing, will be posted in time (hopefully sooner than later). So, don't give up on me yet!

That being said, I would like to recommend a photographer who I have come to enjoy. His name is Eric Ryan Anderson and I bumped into his work through Scott Kelby's "guest blog" series which he does on Wednesdays. So, go check out him out.
Eric Ryan Anderson guest blog post
Eric Ryan Anderson's blog

Friday, January 22, 2010

Great Deal on Helpful Books

I have mentioned David DuChemin before and I am going to mention him again because he has just come out with his latest e-book. This is his sixth one thus far. He also has two "real" books out that are very much worth reading. I again want to point out that he does not write dry how-to books or even really good how-to books for that matter. David is out to inspire creativity and story telling. I have not yet read his e-books though I possess two of them presently. But, I have read "Within the Frame", chunks of "VisionMongers," (both of which I could not give a high enough recommendation for) and enough of his blog to feel free in selling you on him in general.
That being said, he has a couple of great deals on his blog that are good for tonight and tomorrow. The e-books are normally a whopping $5 but are even less if you get in on them now. And if you are into photography at all and want to improve without having to dump a fortune on gear then this is the guy to read. His mantra is "Gear is good, vision is better."
Here is the link to the post with the deals.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jump on the Peace Train


So, I took my daughter with me on an errand the other day and then decided to take a little walk down town. While we were walking we saw an incredible looking bus. I had never really seen anything like it so I grabbed a shot of it. The bus was going painstakingly slow and so I had plenty of time. Shot taken, Ellie and I kept walking. Well, we caught back up to the bus and passed it. Then, at a stop sign, we ended up back beside it. As you can see in the pictures it has the word "Peacemakers" on the front and "We know the way... we can take you home" on the back. I was dying to know what this bus was all about. So, I indicated that I was curious and they opened the door and asked if we wanted to come aboard for a few minutes. We did and they gave me the rundown while Ellie balled at my side the entire time. They invited us to see the kitchen and what was in the back but with a frantic child I opted out and snapped a quick shot down the center of the bus. Thus it's not a great shot but you can tell it is pretty cool looking anyhow with the wood interior.




Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Street Portraiture video

Here is a fun video from Clay Enos. It is about street photography and has some quick pointers. Enjoy!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mike Wright


This is a portrait I took of my father-in-law while the family was in town.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Post worth reading

Well, I wanted to keep consistently posting through the year and going into this I knew it would not always be images. I want to make more of a dialogue out of this blog. Though I love images and hope to keep them coming I would also like to include tips, thoughts for discussion, answers to your questions, and recommendations of other people's work, blogs, books, etc.

That being said I would like to point you in the direction of Joe McNally who is not only an excellent photographer but also an excellent writer. I have been following him ever since I stumbled across his book "The Moment It Clicks." That book not only inspired me but had me and my wife laughing out loud. He really knows how to tell a story. So, go over and check out one of his recent post "Long and Winding Road." It is a good post and also has one of my favorite images of his. It is a portrait of an Irish poet (now deceased) named Frank McCourt. Well, enough said. Go enjoy.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Faux HDR


Faux HDR

I am playing around with a new technique in photoshop that creates a faux hdr image. The original was more of a silhouette, as you can see, and I like it a lot. But, this brings out a lot more of the details and creates a semi-surreal feel.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

First Post of the New Year


Well, it has been a great Christmas break, today finishes up the 12th day, tomorrow begins Epiphany, and Thursday will bring my return to school for teacher training. It has been a full break with car problems, crashing hard drives, sickness and... visiting family, great food, great drinks, and a lot of picture taking!
The return to normality is about to begin and I hope to be a little more fruitful and consistent with blogging. I have been spurred in this regard through the wonderful writing of David duChemin in his new book VisionMongers. I was able to read part of it at a bookstore while waiting to pick up my Mac and I thoroughly enjoyed every bit I could read in that short time. I have already read his book Within The Frame (I HIGHLY recommend it) and look very much forward to getting into VisionMongers.