Monday, September 14, 2009

Playing in Ellie's Room

Family Portrait
This image was taken while we were playing around in Ellie's room. We (Brooke and I) really love this image because it captures the personalities of both of our children. Our playful Ellie is here being goofy with a glove patting Athanasius on the head while he looks on in drop-jawed wonder. Not to mention my wife with her great smile which was brought on by this funny scene. The whole glove thing was really cracking us up! She was putting it on and grabbing things and of course patting her brother on the head. We were having a great time!


natalie said...

I love the action! What a fun picture!

Ruth Ueland said...

I love this shot!!

Impression Sunrise said...

I just came across your blog, and the pictures are BEAUTIFUL!! It was so wonderful to meet you and your sweet children when I was visiting Jordan and Melissa! Lord Bless you guys :) What is your email?

tayla maira

Jennifer Annotto said...

One of your best pictures yet!