Friday, September 4, 2009

Athanasius and Dadda

My wife threw the elf hat on Athanasius a little early and grabbed a few shots.


Daisy said...

I love his expression in the first one. He is such a cute baby! :-)

natalie said...

His smile in the first one is super cute. I love the last image, though- his look of wonder and curiosity is so amazing! And the lighting is really great as well...very eyecatching.

B. D. Buie said...

Love these.

Mike Wright said...

Clay these pics are great. Next to you his Hebrew features are so distinct. What a strong tread your jewishness plays in his DNA and what a great picture this paints for us spiritually in that we are jewish because of a circumcision of the heart in Christ, the Israel of God. I see all this in you and Athan. What a blessing. Oh by the way his best feature is his nose. He is going to have a great nose.

P.S. Ellie is a doll...I can't wait to hug and squeeze her. Tell he that!

Love Dad and Mom, Jax