Monday, September 28, 2009

Doctor Seuss

Dr. Seuss
This is the beginnings of what I would hope to be literary genius in the tradition of Chesterton. Seuss for now but we will soon be getting to the good stuff!


Achaia said...

Athan looks so bright! He is getting big too. Such a cute picture.

Also, did Apphia tell Brooke that the pictures y'all took of Ellie were in the eZine, and your photography was credited? You can find the correct link to it on our blog. The pictures were the best in the whole eZine (and we're not biased!).


Anna said...

Too cute! I finally had to put the Suess away for a while to preserve my sanity, but maybe it's time to bring it out again. :)

Anonymous said...

Why aren't there more pictures of Athan??!
We love this picture :)

-the brandon girls

Jennifer Annotto said...

He is definitely a Pearlstein--I am sure Grandpa is proud!