Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lord's Day Portraits

Deep In Thought


These are a couple shots I took from this past Lord's Day on my walk with Ellie. These walks have become a tradition for us and one I hope to keep for a long time (eventually working in Athanasius and however many more children God blesses us with). The first shot is of my daughter Eleanor. Now, she will sometimes ask me to take a picture of her but she only gives me a fraction of a second to do it. It is funny, sometimes frustrating, but also helpful. I say it is helpful because she is going to make me a faster photographer which will help me capture those important moments for our family and for those who I will shoot for. She will cause me to make the quick decisions quicker... no time to waste on setting white balance, ISO, framing etc. What a blessing!

This second shot here is Corey who we met on our walk down Commercial Street. He was out walking his dog which of course Ellie had to see. So, as Ellie was playing with the dog I asked him if I could grab a few shots and he was kind enough to let me.

*Both of these shots have a subtle texture applied to them. The textures were also taken out on the Lord's Day walk.

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