Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Danny and Lauren "unofficial" Engagement pictures

These are "unofficial" because they were taken on the night when we were having dinner and working out the details. We were talking outside after dinner and I started to see that the sky was looking just right for something I had wanted to try out. I decided to go ahead and ask them if they would experiment with me. I was not planning to take any photographs that night but, I try to always have my equipment with me (you just never know). They were up for it and as a result I came away with a few images I really liked (and will be sending to them) and some practice with a technique I had not been able to play with yet. Moral of the story... always have your camera ready to go.

Danny and Lauren

Danny and Lauren

Danny and Lauren

Danny and Lauren


Anonymous said...

Those are neat!

Groves said...

Love them! These are REAL engagement photos - you can "feel" the love. :)

Great, great stuff.

Thanks for posting!

Cathy Groves

Esteban said...

So against her better judgment the princess closed her eyes real tightly, kissed the frog, *poof* the frog became a prince, and then they got engaged. Classic story.