Monday, February 15, 2010

Max Pearlstein





These are some shots of my dad. I had been wanting to use my softbox again and so I took advantage of him being here.


Groves said...

As much as I have enjoyed seeing all your great photos, these are my favorites thus far. Your Dad's face is so expressive and so interesting! He looks like someone who should write a book - and I would like to read it.

Cathy Groves

Clayton Pearlstein said...

Thanks for the comment/compliment. I have to agree with you on these images. I think that these are my favorite as well and I am excited about how these turned out as it is a new lighting setup for me.

Steve Thompson said...

Wow, Clay! I never thought I'd say this about another guy, but your dad's face is so interesting to stare at. I've been back to your blog several times just to see this set of photos. Keep 'em coming!

Groves said...

I agree with Steve - I keep coming back to look at these pictures again, too. They are very unusual and, if this makes any sense, seem to have a story "imbedded" in them. Your Dad has a great face! (And, apparently, he also has a great photographer. :)

Cathy Groves