Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Portrait of a Goat


This is another "portrait" I captured while out at the Brandon's. This fine specimen of a goat belongs to fellow Christ the King congregant and Brandon neighbor Justin Boyle.

I'm open to take portraits of all kinds. So, if you want some family, infant, or engagement pics done let me know but I'm also open to animal shots as well!

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Matt said...

Hi Clayton,

Matt here from over at ImageSpike

You had a question with regards the post processing on one of my recent images, the Trader.

The shot was subject to extensive post work (about 60 layers) so I can't really provide a full workflow but here are the basic principles:

1) standard camera raw corrections eg exposure etc, and increased local contrast using clarity; (Top tip, hold down shift when you click open in camera raw. This will open the image as a smart object. This means you can click on the layer in PS and it will re-open in camera raw for editing! cool!

2)utilised various blend modes, mainly soft light to add further contrast. Problem with softlight, overlay etc is that whilst they add contrast they also boost saturation so you have to keep on top of this by using saturation or vibrancy adjustment layers later to reduce saturation.

3) Selective sharpening of image with unsharp mask, and then masked accordingly.

That's about it really. If you find this info helpful then show your appreciation by writing a brief testimonial for me on flickr...I haven't got any yet!

Any other questions then drop by the blog...

cheers Matt